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Ascernity is an innovative new balanced-systemic turf fungicide from Syngentam, developed to achieve reliable sustained disease control.


Ascernity offers a new way to achive reliable protection to turf health against disease infection. The advanced formulation of Ascernity has been designed to create a protective coating on the leaf surface and to move evenly through the plant to counter disease already active in the leaf.


The balanced systemicity of Ascernity ensures the whole plant lead remains protected for longer - with sustained disease control.


Find out more on the ICL Turf & Landscape  Ireland website or Syngenta UK & Ireland website.

Products within this range:

  • Ascernity 3 litre


NEW pyrazol-carboximide fungicide technology for turf

NEW pyrazol-carboximide fungicide technology for turf

BALANCED systemicity delivers sustained protection throughout the leaf

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