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H2Pro DewSmart and H2Pro FlowSmart are part of a specialist range of  wetting agents.


Utilising advanced polymer and surfactant technology, the H2Pro range of specialist wetting agents have been carefully formulated and tested to help you achieve better control of your moisture management. Supported by in depth research and backed by end user testimonials, the H2Pro range has beendesigned to achieve specifi c goals each with a diff erent mode of action.


Please note: Only H2Pro DewSmart and H2Pro FlowSmart purchases qualify for Turf Rewards points.


Learn more about this product range by visiting the ICL Turf & Landscape UK or Ireland websites.

Products within this range:

  • DewSmart 10 litre

  • FlowSmart 10 litre

  • FlowSmart 120 litre

  • DewSmart 120 litre


H2Pro DewSmart is designed to prevent or reduce the formation of dew on the grass leaf

H2Pro DewSmart is ideal for use as part of an ITM approach to help minimize the risk of disease outbreaks and improve surface quality.

H2Pro FlowSmart helps surface water penetrate quickly.

H2Pro FlowSmart helps maintain year round playing surfaces, providing a drier surface in wet conditions.

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