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TurfPod - 1 Year Subscription


The TurfPod tracks all essential grass growth factors, above and below the surface.

Data is obtained 24/7, even when you are not on-site, and displayed live on your Portal. This way you’re always one step ahead when making decisions to achieve the highest grass quality at the lowest costs.

Pin the TurfPod in the soil and it will automatically and continuously transfer data to the Portal until you take it out again. You can access the Portal anytime and anywhere. You can use an unlimited number of TurfPods per pitch, to accurately see differences across the surface and act accordingly.

  • Subscription of 1 SGL TurfPod with the SGL Portal and the additionally chosen TurfModule “Unlimited data storage”.

Included is the following data:

  • Light level

  • Relative humidity

  • Air temperature

  • Salinity

  • Soil temperature

  • Soil moisture


*Please note that this product is out of stock, and will be supplied when new stock is received. 

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