Turf Rewards helps your business to benefit from better turf

Earn points purchasing ICL and Syngenta products, then use your points to claim productivity-boosting rewards

How Turf Rewards works...

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  • Register your business with fast, simple sign-up

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  • Purchase qualifying ICL and Syngenta products from your dealer

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  • Easily log your purchases on the Turf Rewards site

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  • Choose from a range of useful rewards for your grounds, facilities and staff

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Here’s what our members think…

"Turf Rewards has allowed us to get the tools needed to begin running trials on our site. This has been critical to our decision making for future programmes to continue to raise standards across our pitches. Alongside this the clegg hammers have been invaluable to gather data to assist with the management of our surfaces"

Tony Sinclair, Grounds Manager, Manchester United Football Club

"Turf Rewards has enabled us to get some of these extra tools within our budget – all things that you don’t have to go and ask for to try and get approved.”  

Dale Frith, Head Groundsman, Fleetwood Town FC

“The rewards are not just a day out but are items that we can actually use to help us such as agronomic tools. Having these tools as a reward of what we’ve already purchased through ICL is extremely beneficial to us.” 

John Ledwidge, Grounds Manager, Leicester City Football Club

“We recently claimed the drone to gather some footage in order to prepare for the Scottish Open. I think the drone is an excellent tool for viewing your course from above, it’s amazing what you can actually see from above rather than at eye level. 

Chris Haspell, Course Manager, Castle Stuart Golf Club

"I'm a big advocate of Turf Rewards because if gives the club something back from using top quality management products that we would buy anyway".

Ben Kebby, Course Manager, Temple Golf Club

"Being able to claim both the Team sprayer and SR2000 spreader through Turf Rewards has been great for us as a club as they have allowed me to apply the products I use perfectly at the same time as saving my budget meaning it goes further. The sprayer has meant I no longer need to use heavy machine to apply liquid products which allows me flexibility on timing of applications"

Trevor Wilkin, Head Groundsman, Blackburn Rovers FC

"All of the items we have claimed over the years with Turf Rewards have been invaluable to our work. With so many country and overseas members it is important to keep them up to date with the improvements on the course and by using the drone we can make this far more engaging."

James Bledge, Course Manager, Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club

"“Turf rewards has enabled us to purchase a Moisture Meter. This tool has played a vital part within our ITM programme for making decisions with applications of wetting agents especially during the summer drought of 2018 and the use of irrigation.“ 

Mark Heath, Course Manager, The Vale Golf & Country Club

“We apply early season granular fertilisers to our greens, tees and surrounds on our course and getting consistent application and spread is obviously crucial in getting the results we want so by being able to claim two SR2000 spreaders through Turf Rewards was great for us as they give us the confidence to achieve this” 

Stuart Hogg, Course Manager, The West Lancashire Golf Club

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